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  (503) 308-8223

WLLO Village is serving the communities of

West Linn, Lake Oswego and the Stafford Hamlet.

Welcome to our
virtual village where neighbors are

helping neighbors stay neighbors.



Every large tree relies on its many leaves to grow. Will you help us with a donation by supporting our "Buy-a-Leaf" campaign?

WLLO Village is a non-profit organization under the auspices of Villages NW. We are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, affordable membership fees, grants, and by donations from the general public.

In fact, we won't succeed unless we receive donations from people like you.

These funds will help us to provide services to individuals who choose to stay in their homes as they age
. Also, to create social events of various kinds to bring joy to people's lives and keep them engaged in their communities.

We need your financial help to make our shared dream
a reality and grow our WLLO tree!

Aging in place has proven to be the preferred way for many, if at all possible. Your donation will enable this lifestyle choice for your neighbors in Lake Oswego, West Linn and the Stafford Hamlet. 

WLLO Village will assist in removing many of the small obstacles that would make it impossible to remain in your home. We also provide opportunities to engage in social events to avoid loneliness and isolation.

In order to keep our membership fees low, less than $2 a day, we rely on the kindness of people like you to donate funds that allow us to continue and expand what we are doing.

So far, we have been operating on a shoestring budget. WLLO Village needs your financial support now to cover expenses related to the many tasks associated with realizing our goal of serving our community. Our expenses include printing costs, insurance, software, volunteer training, background checks, communications, and informational presentations and other outreach activities.

Please consider giving whatever you can through the safe and secure method below. It can be your way of helping neighbors stay neighbors.

In the name of all of us in our community of WLLO Village, thank you neighbor.

Plant the Seed of Sustainability for WLLO Village


As we build a new playbook under our new leadership and face a unique situation, we are expanding our ability to serve the needs of our members during these unusual times. We’ve set up daily calls, shopping for others, Zoom coffees, Happy Hour, meetings, WLLO Trivia games, and more. The support we’ve received from the Cities of Lake Oswego and West Linn and our community of volunteers and supporters strengthens our perspective that it’s more important than ever to stay connected. We’ve had new members join, supporters make donations, and we’ve received grants to help us purchase technology to keep our members connected and keep the village growing.

As our “new normal” proceeds, your participation and support is vital to help keep us together as a Village committed to safely aging-in-place. We continue to look for innovative ways to support each other and utilize our members’ and volunteers’ expertise to create personal interaction and engagement, and we continue to seek financial support to help us meet these unexpected and unique challenges.

Please consider supporting your village with a gift! We appreciate your support no matter the size. Scroll down to donate, either by check or a planned gift, or even a gift through your mandatory IRA distribution. Your support will help broaden our base of philanthropy and supplement membership fees.

We would greatly appreciate your consideration at this time as we build our community. There is no time limit and you can give as often as you like.

We will list donors on our website to give them the credit they deserve (if they wish). 

The Tax Benefit of Supporting WLLO Village Through Your IRA-Required Minimum Distribution

Giving less to your favorite charities since you no longer itemize? You can reduce your taxable income by making donations from your required minimum IRA distribution. If you pay taxes on a portion of your Social Security benefits, you can also lower the level for determining taxation.

You choose the amount to donate – a portion or all of a distribution – and ask your financial manager to make the gift for you. To be counted for the 2020 tax year, distributions must be transferred to the charity by December 31.

Checks should be made out to Villages NW fbo WLLO Village and mailed to 333 S State St, Suite V1, Lake Oswego OR 97034. Questions? Contact Villages NW, or call 503.515.1948

Donating by Check

If it is all the same to you, we prefer checks because credit cards charge fees for their services that will be automatically deducted from your donation amount. Please note that checks must be made out to Villages NW FBO WLLO Village. (FBO is short for "for the benefit of".) Our mailing address is 333 South State Street, Suite V1, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

If you prefer to make your donation by credit card, please click the button below. It will take you to the page where you can enter all information required.

Yes, I am ready to help
WLLO Village grow!

WLLO Village is one of several villages in the Portland Metro area that operate under the umbrella of Villages NW. As a donor, please note that Villages NW is the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and that all donations to WLLO Village are made to Villages NW for the benefit of WLLO Village.