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  (503) 308-8223

WLLO Village is serving the communities of

West Linn, Lake Oswego and the Stafford Hamlet.

Welcome to our
virtual village where neighbors are

helping neighbors stay neighbors.



WLLO Village Charter Members

Recognizing Our Charter Members

Charter Members are individuals who decided to give something special to ensure that our Village will be on solid financial footing from the get-go. We are deeply grateful to each and everyone for their dedication, support, and trust that they put into WLLO Village.

Donation Amount: $500

Charter Member Name:

Becky Crew

Ginny Haines

Beverly Henry

Sandra Jackson

Terri Kraemer

JB Lockhart

Karin Moggridge

How To Become a Charter Member?

Only members of WLLO Village can become Charter Members. The process to become a member is the same for everyone and starts with you contacting us.

Please fill out the online form on the membership page or call us at 503 308 8223. 

A Charter Membership comes with a number of special benefits. Details are available on the membership page.

If you want to make a donation but don't want to become a member at this point, please use our Donations page.

Thank You!

Regardless of how you support us, we are very thankful that you decided to do so.

Recognizing Grants in Support of WLLO Village

We are thankful to have received grants from the City of Lake Oswego, the City of West Linn, and Kaiser Permanente.