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We are all aging together, just not at the same time. With that in mind, we want to build a community of members and volunteers, where those who can assist those who need help do, and those who need help have a place to ask for it. Our community is also a social place designed to bring people together, enrich their lives and create friendships. 

WLLO Village — Our Story

It started with a group of volunteers who decided that it is time to bring the nationally recognized “Village Movement” to Clackamas County. We relied on guidance from Villages NW, the parent organization of now nine independent villages in the Portland Metro area. We are proud to say that we are already sharing our experiences with nascent villages in surrounding counties. This exchange of ideas is exemplary of what is at the core of the idea of a village, creating a supporting structure locally.

The goal of WLLO is simple. To support residents of West Linn, Lake Oswego and Stafford Hamlet who choose to age in their own homes and communities by creating a network of trained volunteers, local resources, and vetted service providers to help them feel comfortable, supported and socially connected to others.

How does WLLO Village work?

The Village consists of members and volunteers. Two volunteers will conduct an in-home interview of potential members to determine a mutual fit. A central coordinator of services connects requests from members with a network of trained volunteers, local resources, and vetted service providers. WLLO also supports members staying active with a variety of fun activities such as book clubs, walks, salons, coffees, potlucks and more. The village is supported by membership fees. 

WLLO Village has a governing board (all volunteer) guiding ongoing operations. Our members are encouraged to be active participants in the management of local village business. WLLO Village operates under the auspices of the Villages Northwest Board of Directors and operates under a shared governance structure. All of our volunteers must pass a background check. 

What is the Village movement?

In 1999, a group of friends in Beacon Hill, MA, gathered to create a plan to stay in their homes as long as possible, continue to engage in their neighborhood, and get the support they needed as they aged. They consulted with the Harvard School of Business and envisioned a new model - a virtual village - a network of people and services focused on helping them stay in their own homes. Their Village began offering services in 2002.

Immediately, others started contacting Beacon Hill Village to find out how to do this in their own local neighborhoods. Today, across the US, there are over 200 villages in operation with many more in development. The concepts of collaboration, cooperation and the mentoring of new villages are key drivers in the creation and support of new villages. One thing that is consistent across villages is the motto: Neighbors helping neighbors stay neighbors.

WLLO Village Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously support and create better ways to age in community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support people who choose to age in their own homes and communities by creating a network of trained volunteers, offering social events, and providing access to local resources and vetted service providers to help our members feel comfortable, supported and socially connected. 

Our Three Core Values


By creating a virtual village, our goal is to strengthen connections between our members, volunteers and the community.

At WLLO Village, weencourage collaboration on ideas and projects, foster open communication in an environment of care, commitment and continuous learning.



We are committed to giving back to members of our community who need help as well as creating an organization that will endure. Volunteers are at the heart of our organization. This is why our motto is Neighbors Helping Neighbors Stay Neighbors.



We can all learn from each other, lean on one another and enhance the experience of aging in our community. Relationships that are built on trust, respect and transparency support resilience and health and are at the heart of what is sustaining WLLO Village.


WLLO Village Service Area

Our service area is defined in the West by Interstate 5 and in the East by the Willamette river. The Southern border is the Tualatin river. The northern border is Multnomah County. (Those living in Lake Oswego and Multnomah County may choose to join River West Village or WLLO Village.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different memberships?
We offer Full Service Memberships and Associate Memberships.

How often may I request services?

Full Service Members may have up to three round-trip rides per week and additional services as scheduled. Associate Members are offered four service appointments per year.

Will I have the same volunteer each time?

Services are always subject to the availability of the volunteers. Volunteers decide when and how often they are available. We would love to hear when a member is pleased with a volunteer service, but we cannot promise a specific volunteer will always be available for a specific member. Generally different volunteers will be available each time a member calls.

Can I call the Volunteer directly to request service?

No, all service appointments must be made through the WLLO Village.

How are Volunteer Drivers selected and qualified?
Member rides will be provided by volunteer drivers who have applied for and completed a thorough training and background check. Training, auto and background checks include:

  • WLLO Village volunteer training, plus three separate Ride Connection driver training sessions
  • A vehicle that is clean and easily accessible and that has passed the DMV safety inspection
  • Personal reference checks and a thorough criminal background check
  • A safe driving record and current valid driver's license and car insurance
  • Emergency training
Are Volunteers required to be members or live in the WLLO member area?
Volunteers are not required to be members or to live in the WLLO member area.

Can I receive a refund if I wish to discontinue my membership?
Membership is an annual commitment, and there are no refunds for partial year participation. Members who move to another Villages NW spoke Village may request consideration for transferring their membership.

How much do I tip a volunteer?

Volunteers are not allowed to accept gratuities; just a heartfelt “Thank you!” is appreciated.

How can I show my appreciation?

You can show appreciation to WLLO by donating either time or money.

How can I find out about upcoming social or educational events?
WLLO Village has a monthly newsletter and sends periodic updates by email. In addition, the calendar on our website is updated regularly.

What if I need help with something that isn’t specifically listed as a service?

Please contact the WLLO Village regarding your need. If your need is not something that can be handled by one of our volunteers, we can provide you with a list of vetted vendors to enable you to hire the professional help you need, possibly at a discount.

What if I have an urgent request without four days to request in advance?

Please call the WLLO Village at 503-479-8393 or during our regularly scheduled hours. WLLO Village will attempt to handle requests for services for needs that arise without the usual four-to-five day notice if volunteers are available.

Can I upgrade my Associate Membership because my needs change?

Yes, contact the WLLO Village for details regarding upgrading your membership.

What if I need to cancel a ride or service appointment?

If you need to cancel, please inform WLLO Village as soon as possible.

What if I have a complaint or concern about a service appointment or Volunteer?

WLLO Village is responsive to all commendations and complaints. We document complaints received verbally from members and volunteers and respond as soon as possible. Written complaints are kept on file for risk management and documentation purposes.




The People Behind WLLO

WLLO Village is not a corporate organization created by anonymous employees. WLLO Village has been created by some of your neighbors who loved the idea and came together to make it real.

The People Behind WLLO